Ed Jackson is a graphic artist living in Tennessee. After serving four years in the USAF as an avionics technician, Ed put together his love of aviation and cars, a lifelong passion for drawing and knack for computers all together to create highly detailed vector-based artwork of all things mechanical.

Hours of research and painstaking detail are poured into each drawing. The research process begins with basic blueprints, with care taken to address errors or inconsistencies that may conflict with the real-world details of the work. The basic lines and main shapes present are added followed by the lighting effects. Object and layer masks are heavily used along with gradients to achieve a realistic look. After the main elements of the subject are in place, the ‘paintwork’ process is started. Aviation subjects present the biggest challenge, with multiple warning placards, identification markings, and decorative artwork that differs between aircraft even of the same make and model. ¬†Raster elements are avoided but sometimes necessary to complete the look. Customizable overlays are made to facilitate multiple configurations of the final image. ‘Weathering’ is the last step and is accomplished by replicating the look of real-world weathering patterns.


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