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1941 kdf vw

KdF Goes to War

Presenting the latest in a series of wartime VWs, a 1941 KdF Sedan, fitted with all the right accessories one might need to survive wartime Germany, including a center mounted NOTEK blackout lamp, A-pillar Hirschmann radio antenna, blackout headlight covers, and a military-spec Hella horn and foglamp.

1941 kdf wagen notek light

Have you ever wondered what those funny-looking accessories that look like helmets are on wartime German vehicles?


They are called NOTEK lights. They are for driving under blackout conditions. The idea is that the device produces just enough light for a driver to safely drive at night. This is applicable for military or civilian vehicles under wartime conditions. The German company that made these devices was Nova Technik from Munich. The NOTEK nickname was derived from this (NOva TEchniK).

The NOTEK lights were usually mounted to the front driver’s side fender of KdF derived military vehicles including kubelwagens and schwimmwagens.


A few had them mounted in the center, seen here.


More info on these lights here:

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Credit to for the images found in their dictionary entry on NOTEK.

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The Kleinbus

The first production of the “Samba” 23 Window bus made in Wolfsburg, known there as the Kleinbus.  The lower color is Sealing Wax Red, and the upper tone is Chestnut Brown. This fantastic paint job is one of the most popular  original color combinations on the type 2, the other being Sealing Wax Red and Beige Grey which was a huge hit in the 60’s.

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