kdf goes to war

KdF Goes to War – Part 2

The familiar Type 1 body got a significant upgrade following the production of the Kubelwagen. Using the offroad ready capability of the Kubelwagen chassis, Type 1 bodies were fitted to make a somewhat more comfortable field vehicle for commanders and officers. These versions can be easily spotted by their increased ride height, usually sporting military tires.


KdF Height Comparison

The impressive ground clearance can also be seen clearly in the blueprints.

Kubelwagen chassis blueprints

There were many variants and prototypes produced. The traction of VW’s rear engine is impressive enough, yet some featured locking differentials and four-wheel drive technology borrowed from the development of the Schwimmwagen.

type87 typ87 kdf vw type87 typ87 kdf vw 4wd

Ready for field duty!

1944-KdF-Type-82E---Camo copy

Credit to http://www.tankmodel.com/typ87.php for images.

Thanks also to http://thevolkyland.com/site/military4.html for their extremely helpful references.

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